The Founder's Story

Sometimes life just really pleasantly ticks along for you. Growing up in Zurich, studying International Relations in Geneva, with a major in Economics, raking in the grades, nothing out of the ordinary. All is just fine.

Most of us reach a point in their life, when things are becoming too predictable and too comfortable. You really feel that itch and restless urge deep inside of you to do something new, something lifechanging, to look for action and to broaden your horizons.

That is exactly what happened when Christine left the Swiss Alps and its comfortable cheese fondues behind and started her university exchange year and with it, a new adventure. Instead of Buenos Aires she ended up in Lima, Peru, and after a short while she fell in love with the country, it's culture, living by the ocean or high up in the Andes and discovering the amazing soothing and warming power of Peruvian knitted sweaters made of alpaca fibre.

Whilst starting to master the Spanish language, Christine trekked through the Andes and learned about the farmers, their families and the beautiful animals that are indigenous to Peruvian mountain life. During her travels it became clear that there was really only one must have item in her backpack. The iconic Peruvian natural coloured alpaca sweaters were always there to keep her cozy on the beach and warm in the mountains. The decision on what to bring back for her loved ones to cold and snowy Switzerland was easy.

After working a year in a Swiss ski resort the Andes was calling once again! Christine missed the Peruvian lifestyle and wanted to combine best of both worlds. For the next two years, she spent seven months of the year in Peru, exploring various business opportunities, returning home to Switzerland to work the summer season in the Alps. She realized she wanted to build something that would be a bridge between the two worlds she so very much loved, allowing her to travel back to Peru from time to time.

She had been so deeply in love with the lush and warm alpaca fiber, that she asker herself why it was not better know back in Switzerland where it was so cold and the alpaca was just the best material to wear in winter. So after some research. she wanted to give this exceptional material what it deserves. A timeless elegant design, that could also be worn in a city like Zurich and combining it with outstanding Swiss quality - a luxury fashion piece that must be loved.

There was no looking back as Christine found her life project and is now passionate about making her conscious luxury fashion brand, that underpins her love for the Gold of the Andes grow. Like the animals she supports, Christine is warm, gentle and alluring and at the same time, strong, resilient, and tenacious. As an avid surfer, yogi, and general lover of life, Christine translates her passions into timeless, elegant fashion which empowers the farmers, their families, and the animals they so depend on.


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