Our Commitment to a Sustainable Fashion Industry

It goes without saying that AQVAROSSA is determined to do its bit in looking after planet Earth. We feel strongly that there is no plan B and by sourcing and producing our pieces ethically in order to create long lasting elegant garments, we will contribute to a sustainable fashion industry.

misty tree forest

To us, sustainability is not a buzz word but it is high on our agenda and we incorporate this approach in how we work. AQVAROSSA practices conscious creation which dictates every single step in the process of sourcing, choosing, producing, designing and bringing high-end luxury creations to market. From carrying out personal visits to suppliers, handpicking cloth, to carefully selecting the trimmings and aiming to operate as sustainable and ethical as possible.

This means more than just selecting a sustainable fabric and putting a label on it. Conscious creation means respecting the people and animals who play a part in helping AQVAROSSA’s pieces come to life and promising to consistently review and incrementally improve practices.

AQVAROSSA is a small company and the sustainability challenge is immense, but by creating timeless, quality pieces the longevity of every piece produced is assured. With love and care the pieces will stand the test of time and hopefully will be passed down generations.AQVAROSSA’s carefully selected Peruvian partners. We have carefully selected our Peruvian partners on the basis of how they work and how well they adhere to the 10 guiding principles for fair trade of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) We work closely with the Lima based INCA TOPS, in business since 1965, producing the best alpaca products and yarns in the world. We are proud to be working with INCA TOPS because they provide jobs to more than 1000 Peruvian families. Through their Social Responsibility Programs INCA TOPS is able to improve the progression of small Peruvian companies and rural families, who all depend socially and financially on alpaca farming. 

As a consequence of working with INCA TOPS, we are supporting Pacomarca, a sustainable alpaca network that produces a limited quantity of fiber each year with special characteristics, unique in the market and which is 100% traceable, which means comprehensive sustainability. Watch a video here on how this works.

Peruvian Handloom

Royal Knit is our production partner who is not only WFTO certified but also has made a social commitment to the Peruvian community that is solid and consistent. With focus on sustainability and transparency Royal Knit cherishes long-term and fair-trade partnerships. We are delighted to work with them.

Visit to the Production Site
Memories from our visit to one of Royal Knit's production sites in the surrounding of Cuzco.



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