Vicuña, the finest animal hair on earth, sleek and silken like veins of gold, worn by the most graceful of the South American camelids. In the Inca Empire its hunting was prohibited as vicuñas were a symbol of nobility and only kings were allowed to to use it's precious wool.

When the western emperors arrived and discovered the "Gold of the Andes", vicuñas became victims of indiscriminate hunting and were brought to the brink of extinction. Only when few animals were left and several groups joined forces for preservation, revalorizing this rare camemid's fibers, the species recovered.

Nowadays vicuñas are still strictly protected and they live in freedom high up in the andes. Shearing live animals is only allowed every two years following the traditional Chaccu ritual. This ancient way of capturing wild animals for shearing maintains the environmental balance while providing the local communities to raise and protect the vicuñas.

Vicuña, the finest and rarest fiber in the world, with its rich caramel yarn is synonymous with luxury. Add to this it’s unparalleled smooth softness, unique lightweight and incredible insulating properties and you start to understand why it is one of the most coveted and exclusive materials in the world.

In keeping with the precious and rare nature of this material each of our vicuña pieces is CITES certified and comes with a unique registration number which states that all the vicuña fiber is sheared from only live animals as authorized by the convention on international trade for endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES).



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